Case Studies

Sydney Opera House

Brief: Sydney Opera House is one of the biggest names in the industry and one of our oldest clients for different staging solutions. This time, SOH wanted to refurbish their big inventory of audio equipment, using modular rackmount solutions. Needless to say, our freshly developed anti-vibration rack-mount cases ticked all the boxes. In addition to the long list of standard features that came with the cases, however, SOH wanted to customise a few things.

Dobson’s Ozone Spectrophotometer Multi-Piece Road Case

Brief: Design and build a case for a 50+ year old priceless atmospheric ozone measuring instrument and a range of accessories to safely ship it around the world.

Solution: The fact that only a handful of these instruments designed in 1924 are left operating across the world was not lost on us as we were creating a case design to protect what is an irreplaceable item. This four piece case comprised a permanent pallet style base allowing forklift loading onto aeroplanes, a low base with detailed CNC foam fit out for the spectrophotometer, a lift-off body, separate lift-out accessory tray and a removable lid that doubles as a trolley when placed underneath for onsite manoeuvrability. When we finished building the case it was loaded onto a plane the same week for the spectrophotometer’s next assignment in Antarctica.

Chandelier Road Case

Brief: Design and build cases to suit large (800mmW x 800mmD x 1200mmH) chandeliers.

Solution: The brief was pretty simple as was the road case carcass to suit but designing a foam insert that properly supported such a delicate, intricate piece of equipment proved to be one of our most challenging foam fit-out designs ever but we rose to the challenge and the final product works very well.

Coffee Road Case

Brief: Design and build a case that allows a heavy commercial grade coffee machine and a range of accessories to be transported from site-to-site.

Solution: A three-piece solution comprising a heavy duty base road case with detachable top case with special CNC fit-out to hold accessories. The lower case having a low base with removable lid allowing clear access and a safer lifting option.