High-Quality Material and Hardware

A good recipe always starts with the best quality ingredients. So when we build an Ovation case, we choose the highest quality materials available on the market. We import almost all our materials directly from Europe. We use Scandinavian Birch Ply, predominantly 9mm, that is laminated with durable PVC and lined with a stabilising film on the back. It is a dense, flat, consistent, durable plywood perfect for machining and engraving.

We choose the best quality hardware fit for purpose almost all of which we import from our European supplier for guaranteed strength and durability. We use high density EVA foam in dark grey or optional coloured finish that stands up to the rigours of regular, repeated and strenuous use to ensure your investment is protected. Please visit Our Quality page to read more about the quality and features of the material and hardware we use for building custom cases in our Sydney-based factory.

Best-in-Class CAD and CAM

At the Ovation Case design hub, we have made a great investment to adopt and develop the best-in-class 3D design and computer-aided-manufacturing software and hardware. We have implemented fully digitised Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) processes to ensure highest precision in our builds. Our suite of professional software includes SOLIDworks, CAMWords and DRIVEworks which we use on a daily basis to create digital models of every custom case or insert we build. Not only this guarantees a perfect fit for your equipment, it also gives you a chance to review your case in 2D and 3D visualisation before approving the final design.

In addition to our advanced level software system usages, we have in-house 3D scanning facilities to help us take to take very accurate measurements of your valuable equipment, no matter how complicated their form.  In-house 3D printing facilities also helps us with our prototyping for proof of design. The result is a precision foam insert/fit-out that fits your gear like a glove.

By providing you with detail drawings of your custom case prior to its build, there won’t be any uncertainties about the features, dimensions, appearance and functionality of the case you are ordering. Visit Our Process page to learn more about our process for making custom cases as per your requirements.

Industry Best Solutions

While innovation and design have always been part of our genes at Ovation Cases, we learn a lot from our loyal clients and partners in the industry. We are constantly tracking the trends in the industry both here and around the world for any improvements that we can make. We discuss our designs with experienced users to ensure they live up to the challenges of real-world application and the demands of professional practices. New ideas are prototyped and tested and feedback is garnered [?] from the professional users to ensure that we tick every box. The constant search for improvement and striving for innovation means our team can provide world-class protective cases and foam inserts straight from our Sydney-based factory floor.

We are also in regular communication with the world’s two leading case hardware manufacturers, Adam Hall and Penn Elcom, to see where new hardware and materials can be adopted in our designs to develop a greater range of specific solutions across many industry sectors. Such knowledge sharing allows us to bring new products lines, such as as heavy-duty anti-vibration rack-mount cases and electric screen lift cases to market at the same time as any country around the world.

Extensive Support

Our service to our clients doesn’t stop at point of purchase. We pride ourselves in providing our valued customers exhaustive ongoing support that goes well beyond making great quality cases. It creates a customer loyalty and trust that sees many of customers dealing with us for years and years. As a result  we have witnessed the growth of our loyal clients and we have enjoyed being part of their success stories.

We fix any issues or damage to the cases we build, and make sure our clients always have their cases operating in the best working condition. Carrying stock of hardware ensures that we can quickly repair any wear and tear that may occur through years of use in demanding environments.

Let’s build amazing things together.